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What is Poha?

Poha is flattened rice that is steam cooked with onion, Spices. The Poha refers to flattened rice itself and as well the dish made with it. The flattened rice flakes are also known as beaten rice. They are considered to be nutritious. Flattened rice is used widely used across the world. This dish is taken in breakfast. We can easily cook this dish. It can also be taken to school in a lunch box. This is a very simple dish.Poha With Peanuts

About the Recipe:

The first one is the Maharashtrian batata poha which we make often for our breakfast. This is made of onions and potatoes. You can replace potatoes with some green peas. I prefer to use potatoes in poha because the kids love potatoes in their poha. This is a quick cook dish. You can put boiled or steamed potatoes in it.How To Make Poha

How to make poha.

The steps given below:

Step 1 – Wash one and a half cups poha with water in a strainer making sure they don’t absorb too much water not are too coarse. Sprinkle some water over the poha if they are too coarse.Poha

Step2 – sprinkle some salt, sugar, and turmeric powder into the poha and gently mix with your hands.Poha

3 – Dry roast half a handful of peanuts in a pan until they look crunchy.

4 – Heat some oil and crackle some mustard seeds in it.

5 – Add half a cup of onions to it and saute until they become translucent.

How To Prepare Poha

6 – Add green chilies and curry leaves to it.

7 – Add roasted peanuts and poha and cover and steam for two minutes.

On low flame.

9 – leave it covered for two more minutes after switching off the flame.

10 – sprinkle some lemon, coriander, and grated coconut and serve.



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